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  • 15.08.2020
Record California fire almost contained
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Record California fire almost contained

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Firefighters have almost contained the largest wildfire in recent Californian history, authorities say.

The so-called Thomas fire, which burnt through more than 1140 square kilometres in the mountains just north of Los Angeles, was 91 per cent contained, according to US Forest Service officials.

Some 655 firefighters were still working to "patrol, mop up, and hold what we've got," according to operations section chief Alex McBath.
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The blaze, which destroyed 1063 homes, businesses and other buildings and killed two people, started on December 4 and has been fanned by southern California's notorious dry Santa Ana winds.

While no Santa Ana winds are currently forecast, record breaking temperatures were expected in the area on Thursday and Friday.

Dry conditions, warm temperatures and dry winds towards the coast have fuelled a string of fires in the region over the past several weeks.
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